English Bond

Jo Torr English Bond slipped stitch cowl

Pattern: £4.50 (+ VAT)

The town where I grew up used to be well known for making house bricks. Consequently, there is some fantastic brickwork in the town, it’s not unusual to see one house with three or four differently coloured bricks.

The patterns that the bricks are arranged in all have different names, some are for strength, some are purely decorative. When alternating rows of bricks are laid long side on and short side on, it’s called English Bond.

Instructions for the pattern are both charted and fully written out so you can choose which you prefer.


  • Height – 7″ (17.75cm)
  • Circumference – 24″ (60cm)

Yarn Requirements

  • MC – 60g, 123 yards/120m
  • CC1 – 20g, 44 yards/40m
  • CC2 – 20g, 44 yards/40m

The sample was knit in 220 Superwash by Cascade Yarns.

  • MC = 27 Charcoal Heather
  • CC1 = 01 Cream
  • CC2 = 65 Flint Grey

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