Jo Torr Crossrail colourwork socks

Pattern: £4.50 (+ VAT)

It’s not often I let my husband help choose the name for my patterns, but this time I think he was right – this pattern does look like train tracks!

These socks are knit toe-up, with a traditional flap and gusset, and the colours for the pattern inverted on the sole.


  • Small – 7” (17.75cm)
  • Medium – 8” (20.25cm)
  • Large – 9” (22.75cm)

Yarn Requirements

In terms of the amount of yarn you need, for both sizes I would suggest 100g of main colour; for the contrast you should be fine with just 50g.

I used a semi-solid from the fabulous indie dyers Life in the Long Grass (LITLG) for the main colour – the large colour blocks mean that the variation won’t overwhelm the pattern. For the contrast I used Artesano Definition sock yarn, but any solid sock yarn would work well.

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