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This is my “go to” pattern, the one that forms the basis for the majority of my sock designs.  It features the traditional styling of a heel flap and gusset, but it’s knit toe-up – so no picking up stitches for the gusset and no grafting at the toes.  And best of all, it’s FREE.

I’ll warn you now, the pattern is pretty long, but that’s because it explains why it’s asking you to do things, it tells you about the different options and gives you the information to help you decide.

There’s some maths involved, but honestly not too much and you’re guided through it.  It might seem like a lot of work, but take a deep breath and work through it once, then you’ll have the power to adjust any sock pattern to fit perfectly.

The pattern gives you directions for a number of standard sizes and then has a section that helps you work out the details to fit your foot and your gauge.  You might never need another sock pattern again.

Oh, and did I mention, it’s FREE?

Sizes (measured around mid-foot)

  • Small – 6.5”/16.5cm unstretched, 8”/20.25cm stretched
  • Medium – 8”/20.25cm unstretched, 10”/25.5cm stretched
  • Large – 9”/22.75cm unstretched, 11”/28cm stretched
  • Extra Large – 10″/25.5cm unstretched, 12″/30.5cm stretched

Yarn Requirements

100g of any 4ply (fingering) sock yarn should be suitable.  The sample was knit in Farbularasa Sockenwolle 4-fach auf Zitron Trekking in Nordlicht Wöllkchen (Northern Lights) colourway.

Additionally, the pattern provides information to allow you to use a different weight of yarn if you wish.

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6 thoughts on “FREE – Vanilla Socks

  1. hello there for the sizing what do you mean by ‘stretched and unstretched’ does this refer to the foot or the sock or what exactly many thanks Sue

    • Hi Sue, thanks for asking. It’s meant to indicate the amount of stretch in your sock. Where the measurements are given like that, you’d want the size of your actual foot to be somewhere in between. Hope that helps!
      Best wishes,

    • Hello, I am making the second size of this sock. I have knitted the gusset so that I have 16 sts on each side for the gusset and 32 sts on the instep and sole. I did the wrap and turns and finished up with 10 wrapped and 12 Centre sts but I finished up in the middle of the row and cannot figure out the rest of the instructions on page 9 from where it says “12 Centre sts ending with an even row. That means I should be purling but then do I turn and knit the wrapped sts on the other side. I’m wondering if you can explain those steps another way.

      • Hi Megna,
        You’re doing just fine, that’s exactly right where you are. Now turn again and knit the wrapped sts all the way across to the end (taking care on the last one). Then you turn again, and purl across the wrapped stitches on the first side, so you’ll go past where you are now and on to the end. After that, there’s no more back and forward, you turn for one final time and go back to knitting in the round.
        Hope this helps. If you’re on Ravelry, I’d strongly suggest joining my group there, there are lots of lovely people who can help you, and it’s easier to show photos of where you’re stuck.
        Best wishes,

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