Jo Torr Colindale ribbed socks

Pattern: £4.50 (+ VAT)

These toe-up socks literally turn your pre-conceptions on their heads by putting the gussets on the top of the foot! This may seem unconventional, but the fit is still great.

Instructions for the toe and gusset are both charted and fully written out so you can choose which option you prefer.

Sizes (measured around mid-foot)

  • Small – 7″ (17.75cm)
  • Medium – 8″ (20.25cm)
  • Large – 9″ (22.75cm)

Yarn Requirements

100g of 4ply (fingering) sock yarn; this pattern will hold its own in stripes or pooling colourways, as well as solids.  The sample was knit in Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label Fingering in Teal colourway.

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